RIA by Fit Retail


Inventory Management for Resellers

The Reseller’s Inventory Application (RIA) is a powerful tool for anyone that wants to take their retail business to the next level.  RIA focuses on the fashion reselling retail industry but can be used by anyone with a unique assortment of items for sale.

Get rid of your dated, time consuming spreadsheets. RIA keeps track of your inventory, including item level cost, and sales information while presenting key sales and inventory trend reports that let you track your whole business.  Entry is focused and simple, saving you time.

Take your data to go so and always be in the know about your business performance. Identify opportunities in real time and never worry about your cash flow.  Quickly view profits and monthly costs across purchase locations and sales platforms.   RIA helps you optimize your returns will provide you all of the information that you need to make the best decisions for your business.



Accelerate item entry

Create your items at the time of purchase.  Enter critical pieces of information and move on with no wasted time.

Track Key information

Identify costs and fees when they happen.  Track sales expectations and actual results

Make better decisions

Dashboard reporting shows on time results.  React to trends and identify how to best position your strategies


Detailed reports allow dissection of data across time, category, brand and location